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March 16 05


some photo from Tuktoyaktuk #1

Thank you for all your support and help.
i feel really good and just want to rest.
like Jean Louis wrote me, "now that i started with the hardest part of my ride, the rest will always feel like vacation"
he is right, i already feel like in vacation... it's great
i am looking for a cabin in the wood to stay for a week or so...
i will let you know what happens.
you can read that for Elden, it was not as easy as for me, he endures more problem than me.

I will tell you that i would love to do it again in winter or summer but with a friend on a sidecar with me... it would be great.
May be we could do it in December when there is no dayligh, any volunteer, let me know!

The Ice Road as seen by my right knee!

Here, on my way back from Tuktoyaktuk, in a personal moment of release, i let myself go as a conquerant of my own challenge. The ice pick did not serve any purpose (not that i would know how to use it except by breaking the ice) I bought it 3 years ago thinking of the ice road to Tuktoyaktuk, i put it with the studded tires against the wall of my living room and have been looking at it everyday since!...

my friends the studs

The magnificent machine. BMW 100GSPD that i bought 3 years ago and the Ural Sidecar built in 1977 that i bought the first week i arrived in America in 1983. I drove about 500 000 miles with it on 5 different motorcycle and i kept it hanging from the ceiling as my gold fish in my office at Power Color for 10 years in New York while in the graphic arts business.

What you see at the Horizon is Turktoyaktuk. the population is 1000 people

Here, i goofed getting out of the parking lot in Tuktoyaktuk. it does not take a lot to dig a hole (and stay in it)... like everything in life, keeping the momentum is crucial!

a street in Tuktoyaktuk

Typical house in Tuk, dish, ski-doo

sunrise in Tuk


back on the ice road

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UPDATE:i found a cabin in the wood..

...about 2 hours from Inuvik.
they are going to drop me there this afternoon by snowmobile and they will come back to pick me up in 1 week.
it is on a frozen lake, beautifull, there is no electricity, water, telephone or internet.
There is plenty of wood and gas to cook. i am going food shopping for a week...
all my computer, camera and so on will run out of battery except my giant palm pilot that i will use to write...
i will certainly have time to rest and recup.
have a great week everybody, i will certainly think to each of you.


PLease click here to see hubert in his cabin