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MAY 01 05

my first leg to the Arctic Circle is completed....

(The Arctic Circle... or Bust... or Lust! The Arctic Circle... or Bust... or Lust!)

By putting my feet on the ground at La Cense Montana, (Dillon) it marks
the end of the first leg of my ride "The Arctic Circle... or Bust... or

What a ride, full of emotion by the beauty, the immensity and the
purity of the big North... I had to "bust" it a couple of time and
unfortunately, there were no "lust-ing" involved!
From New York City, to Tuktoyaktuk, I ride 5750 miles in 26 days, i did
not really meet anybody, being only focus on moving North, driving only
during the day, having good nutrition and sleeping in motels every
On my way down, it was all different, no motels, I slept in the wild, I
took my time and met 4 amazing people, true adventurers, and met people
from one unique company working in the Arctic North. You will
discover these people on my web site that I am working on. I will let
you know when I will publish it.
I want to thank you, all of you for your support, I received over 600
emails during this ride and I tried to answer to each of them... it was
important to me to feel your encouragement when it was difficult...
In a couple of weeks, I will fly to France and during this summer, I
will be sidecar-ing Europe from France to Switzerland, Italy, Spain and
England and visit my friends and family that I never had the time to
I will be back in Montana in October and will drive to South America
for more adventure and meeting more amazing people!
Have a great summer to all of you




MAY 03 05

This was my forest short cut when arriving in Montana... I was able
to get through for about 1 mile on the top of the mountain in the
snow...but I got stuck in it and I did not wanted to take the time to
change my wheel because I was meeting my brother William that
afternoon in Dillon.... humiliated, I U-turn and reasonably pick up
the back road where I left it!


I will fly to paris next monday

MAY 08 05

Before I Go

From the Beaufort Sea to Montana

When you are driving and you see things like that front of you....
then you know that you are doing something right!
I am flying to Europe tomorrow... my head full of marvelous memories
of the Rockies Mountains from the Beaufort Sea to Montana...
... and as always thinking of all of you.

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The final page of the first chapter of the TIMELESS RIDE has been published. As you will read Hubert is flying to Europe tomorrow to sidecar around there this summer. It's been a great adventure to watch in the off-season. He will return next October to Montana to pick up his GSPD and head to South America for what will be his third leg of his ten-year journey. I personally enjoyed keeping the site for Hubert on his first leg. Hubert will soon be picking up on this duty at his OWN SITE (soon to be up). Thank you for watching. We have had over six thousand hit on the site since Feb 20th.


If anyone out there is interested in making a journey of this magnitude in the future, I'd be willing to keep a site record for you.
Contact me at: