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MARCH 06 05

it's all in the right wrist!

for those who ask how the sidecar manage on the snow?

as long as you are under any sort of acceleration, the sidecar pull you to the right, the rear wheel try to pass in front of the front wheel by the left and the only way to go straight is to do some "counter steering"
when you arrive in the snow, the sidecar wheel is like a "floating anchor" and pull you even more to the right make you put more "counter steering"
what happens is that if you go too fast (and the floating anchor pull you too much to the right) you loose the front direction and go very quickly to the right. the only and simple way to go back on track is to reduce the gas slightly and the sidecar will push you to the left and put you back straight. you re-accelerate gently to keep your momemtum...(too much gas and you just spin the rear wheel)
the more the snow, the slower you can go and at one point, you don't have enough grip and you are stopped.
generally, the snow is not consistent on the road, everytime there is a hard track you get more momentum an slow again when you are on the soft. i never touch the brakes, just playing with the gas... and it works.
i just don't enjoy driving in the snow with the traffic of the east cost like on the Ohio or Indiana Turnpike... car are very close to you and you can't keep your safety distance at your own rythme but here, on the alaska highway, it is pure play and pleasure... noting scarry
yesterday, i was between 45 and 55/mph above that, i was loosing it.

some ask about the shield on my helmet...
i bought the electric shield with double thisckness and a air cushion in the middle. the view is very fuzy but everybody says that is works!!! we will see. - i try it in the wet between NYC and Chicago the electric does the job... but i could not try it in the very cold yet... when the fog become ice and you are totally blind within a mile...
i prefer driving the window open and so far it was not too cold. we will see.


MARCH 07 05

...i arrived sunday night at the Dempster Highway after a ride of 5164 miles (8262 km) from NYC, there is no more paved road in front of me.
first i have 500 miles on the icy gravel road to cross the famous Arctic Circle and go to Inuvik, and then, i will have about 200 miles on the frozen Mackenzie river to reach my final destination Tuktoyaktuk on the Beaufort Sea.
today, I mounted the studded tires on the sidecar and i will leave first time tuesday morning.
i am really enjoying my ride, and i deeply appreciate the support i have from all of you.

PS: Since 300 miles from here, the temperature is between 10F and -10F (-10C et -20C) the road is covered with ice, my equipment is just doing it right, and being a dry environment, makes it much easier to manage
below is a link for the weather report in Tuktoyaktuk



Just for contrast, here's a shot of the same sign last July!

Here's a section of the road He's traveling.

i just mounted my studded tires at the napa of Dawson and i am ready to take the dempster bridge tomorrow morning first time..
have a great day

Here's a map of the leg to Eagle Plains


The beauty of the icy road of north canada!

Click the photo

MAR 09 05


I called The Eagle Plains Hotel at 8:00 pm EST and spoke to the management. Hubert Arrived

Yesterday (march 8) and is now held up there until the road ahead is cleared of snow. The road is officially closed!

He has no access to the Internet so e-mail is also on hold.

Click here for a summer view of the hotel

Also Here's a link to Bell's Travel guide. It has a mile-by-mile description of the road

March 10th Road report:

Highway 5, the Dempster Highway, is closed between Eagle Plains and Ft. McPherson due to high winds and blowing and drifting snow. The remainder of the Dempster is in fair winter driving condition with some slippery sections. The Peel River and the Arctic Red River Ice Crossings are open to a load capacity of 64,000 kgs. For more information call 1-800-661-0750.

Here's a link to the road report update:

March 10 update:
Hubert remains at Eagle plains Hotel. At 1:00pm He returned my call from last night and gave me this up date. When heading out of Dawson City (March 8) He was aware of the Dempster Highway Closing north of Eagle Plains. He decides to head up to Eagle Plains hotel and wait it out there. The day before, in an e-mail I warned Hubert of the steep incline at the Ogilvie Mountains I had remembered from my trip last July. Hubert tells me that He approached the area with much care and successfully climb the terrain only to find an all out blizzard at the other side of the mountain ridge. The winds were blowing at 40mph and the blasting snow created a white out condition. He explains that it was the most difficult ride he has ever experienced. All his body senses were wipe out. No feeling, no sight, no hearing, it was like driving in a slow motion dream. There was no way to tell how the engine was running or even what gear was engaged. He knew that stopping was not an option and so proceeds to push on the 50 miles (?) to the hotel. At the Eagle plains hotel he meet up with 10 truck drivers whom are also waiting out the snow drifting north of the hotel. This area of the Dempster runs thru Wright Pass in the western Richardson Mountains, an area noted for fierce winds storms. Tonight and Friday are forecasted for blizzard conditions. The hi-way department is working to clear the road, but cannot predict when it will be passable. Saturday, Sunday and Monday are forecasted for sunny weather. Perhaps this break will be the opening for Hubert's trip forward.

Text Forecast from Environment Canada
Rock River: Issued 5.00 AM PST Friday 11 March 2005
Today Cloudy with sunny periods and 30 percent chance of flurries this morning. Clearing later this morning. High minus 9. Tonight A few clouds. Wind becoming west 20 km/h this evening. Low minus 13. Saturday Sunny with cloudy periods. Wind west 20 km/h. High minus 7. Sunday Sunny. Low minus 13. High minus 6. Monday Sunny. Low minus 16. High minus 8. Tuesday A mix of sun and cloud. Low minus 17. High minus 11.

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