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APRIL 20 05

look who is rolling...

i just get my spare gearbox from Montana... i went to "Chilkook Choppers", and ask Dave the owner to sign me a letter that he will not change my handle bar while i will be there... i did the job myself, it took me 9 hours to find all the parts nuts and bolts, and mount the gearbox with all the rear end, swing arm shaft ect...quite involved for me... i am rolling again! and as you can see on the photo below, the left over is very raisonable... no major bolt or bearing, just a few
washers.... PS: if any of you have an opinion as to where these can go, let me
know, i will try it!

Cleaning up a couple of loose hand here in Whitehorse and going South
to Montana pretty soon.
great feeling, life is good.

PS: i am still working on my web site "www.thetimelessride.com" is not
ready yet, but i can tell you that it looks dynamite.... i'll let you
know... when i publish it.


APRIL 21 05

Hyder Alaska...

hello david.... as i was going on putting back the gearbox and the rear
end.... i was trying to remenber every words you say about your own
experience... and little by little, i understood your suffering from
last summer.... i was amazed to be able to find all the parts and to
put it right together - the gearbox was removed by honda, not me - ...
you remember my 27mm socket!!! it took me 2 days to find it. for some
raison, it landed in the locked box of the gas tank!!! my chopper
place had one 27mm but a 6 pan, not 12; it was ok on the left side but
not fit on the right side because of my subframe from Peter Stern for
the sidecar.... it's all good by now... i drive about 800 miles since
Whithorse... and not a problem... i took the Cassiar Highway... a
remote montain road almost connecting to Prince Ruppert... i am tonight
in Alaska in the town of Hyder...just after Stewart....
this sidecar is behaving really well on this kind of unpaved highway...
at the speed of 60 mph, it just bounced from one pothole to an
other....wihth a great phsssss phsssss from the suspensions, i just
have to avoid the big nasty holes...
i feel good to be on the road again...
Yesterday, it rained the all day in and out with a strong wind and sun
once in a while but by 9 pm, the sky was clear so i decided to sleep
outside at the corner of the alaska highway and cassiar highway just
before Watson lake... by midnight, i open an eye and saw the most
impressive aurora borealis. the wind was still strong and the borealis
things were moving very fast changing their shape and intensity.... i
was able to capture some on my camera and during the 8s of the
exposure, i could not recognize their architecture in the sky... i keep
my eyes open for an hour and half and fell asleep again... this morning
it was blue sky.;.. feels, like vacation. i ride the all day with my
small helmet only and no glove most of the time... the temp is around
thank you again for all your advice david... i could not understand
everything you said before but now, i know! great lesson for the
futur.... an other myth is down!!!!
i send the damage gearbox to dave Anderson, he received it yesterday but
did not have the time to look at it.... you know how we are the new
yorker... let see tomorrow what he has to say.... i want to get back
my kick start as well as my short first gear from HPN,,,, it makes a
huge difference in driving....


APRIL 24 05

going down British Columbia...

and learning how to drive in the warm weather... not easy, but i'm
working on it.

a very fast moving aurora borealis...

finally, a descent place to sleep!

it works very well to open conversation...


Welcome to Hyder,Alaska


an other successful night with the coffee offered from the snow plow


i sleep under the stars.... so i can look at the sky when i fell a
sleep... here in the early morning dew....

while making coffee, it's drying time...


it was a great road... but a dead end after 80 km


it's not easy to drive in the warm weather...

APRIL 25 05


Hubert makes friends in Stewart BC. (Stewart being the less-attractive sister village of Hyder on the Canadian side)


riding in my favorite outfit! Joe Bar helmet, Ushuaia tshirt, shoes in summer mode (no socks)...

doing my oil change in a aluminum turkey pan, i was burning my paper rag but the oil did a lot of smoke and get me some attention!!!

a picnic spot on the road...

enjoying my sunny breakfast...

not sure what animal it was but i'm glad that i was not there....

this is in Banff! it looks like in Tyrol...

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